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Luchtvaart Noord Nederland http://www.luchtvaartnoordnederland.nl/

Runway 28

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Mini Jet-planes for sale

PRK Military and civil aviation

Fly-By military aviation photography

Frisian Air Power http://www.frisian-airpower.nl

Military Aircraft.de

Pim Hesse Avia Reports http://www.aviareports.com


UK airport news http://www.uk-airport-news.info

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Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb

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Swellengrebel goes Africa http://www.hansswellengrebel.blogspot.com

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Niederrhein Aviation Society

Touchdown Aviation

Dutch Aviation Photography by Johan Boerman http://www.dapho.nl

DAPPA Iwan Bogels Tieme Festner http://www.dappa.nl

Oud Valkenburg MVKV http://www.oudvalkenburgzh.nl

Primeimages by Sťan Wilson http://www.primeimages.co.uk

Mig-21 http://www.mig-21.de/default.htm

Aviopress http://www.aviopress.com

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Level visited KADEX 2012 in Kazakhstan. Take a look in the gallery !!

The forgotten detachment of Marpatters in Nordholz who support the German Navy to scale up with the former Netherlands P-3's Orions will come to an end in june 2007
For that reason a new badge was presented. click on the badge to enlarge the ''goodbye'' badge. thanks to Stef van der Steen and Bert Assink