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Mig27 01yellow at Larz 1993

Mig29 68white leaving Finow 1993

Mig27 43yellow checked before leaving Larz 1993

Mig23UB 93yellow checked before leaving Larz 1993

Mi6 82red finals Oranienburg 1993

Mi8 50yellow departing Mahlwinkel 1992

Su25UB 73red taxi in Templin 1993

Su25 36red taxi in Templin 1993

Su25 30red at Brandis 1991

Su25 28red at Brandis 1991

Su25 07red taxi in Templin 1993

Mi8 61yellow at Mahlwinkel 1992

Mi8 39yellow at Mahlwinkel 1992

Mi6 61red at Oranienburg 1993

Mi6 02red landing at Mahlwinkel 1992

Mi2 47yellow at Mahlwinkel 1992

Mi24 40yellow at Mahlwinkel 1992

Mi24 21yellow at Brandis 1993

Mi24 40yellow at Mahlwinkel 1992

An24 100red at the spot Sperenberg 1994

An26 10red departing Sperenberg 1994

An12 96red departing Sperenberg 1992

An12 93red departing Sperenberg 1994

An12 09red departing Welzow 1993

Su17UM 88yellow departing Templin 1994

Su25 25red finals Demmin 1993

Su25 18red finals Demmin 1993

Su25UB 72 red taxi in Templin 1993

Mig27 06yellow taxi in Larz 1992

Mig27 03yellow finals Larz 1992

The flightline at Larz withdrawn 1993

Su24 26white departing Welzow 1993

Su24 09white at the flightline of Welzow 1993

Su24 06white finals Welzow 1992

Su24 02white at the flightline of Welzow 1993

Su17 47yellow leaving Templin 1994

Mig27 46blue leaving Finsterwalde 1993

Mig27 45blue at the flightline of Finsterwalde 1993

Mig27 44blue at the flightline of Finsterwalde 1993

Mig27 26blue leaving Finsterwalde 1993

Close up Su17 41yellow Templin 1994

Mig27 25 red leaving Grossehain 1993

Mig27 22blue leaving Finsterwalde 1993

Mig27 19red towed to the shelter after flying Grossehain 1992

Mig27 11red leaving Grossehain 1993

Mig27 09red landing Grossehain 1992

Mig27 09blue finals Finsterwalde 1992

Mig27 05blue checked before take-off Finsterwalde 1993

Mig27 05blue at the flightline of Finsterwalde 1993

Close up Mig27 01blue Finsterwalde 1992

Mig27 01blue at the flightline of Finsterwalde 1993

The last Mig23MLD to be checked Juterbog is almost empty 1992

Close up Mig23MLD 51red Juterbog 1992

Mig23MLD 47red taxi out Juterbog 1992

Mig23MLD 33red at the flightline of Juterbog 1992

Mig23MLD 14red leaving Juterbog 1992

Mig23MLD 12red leaving Juterbog 1992

Close up Mig23MLD 06red Juterbog 1992

Mig25 59red finals Welzow 1991

Mig25 38red finals Welzow 1991

Mig23UB 97blue starting up Finsterwalde 1993

Mig23UB 95red leaving Juterbog 1992

Mig23UB 94yellow taxi in Larz 1992

Mig23UB 93yellow having technicals problems Larz 1993

Mig23UB 93red leaving Juterbog 1992

Mig23UB 92blue at the flightline of Finsterwalde 1993

Mig23UB 91yellow taxi in after flight Larz 1992

Mig23UB 91blue at the flightline of Finsterwalde 1993

Mig23UB 90yellow at the flightline of Larz 1993

Mig23UB 69red departing Grossehain 1993

Close up Mig23UB 64red Grossehain 1991

Close up Mig23UB 62blue Finow 1993

Mig23UB 62blue departing Finow 1993

Mig23UB 61blue finals Falkenberg 1992

Mig23UB 22red departing Finow 1993

Mig23UB 20red departing Finow 1993

Mig27 29yellow departing Larz 1993

Mig27 25yellow departing Larz 1993

Mi24 35yellow at Damgarten 1994

An2 01red finals Falkenberg 1992

L39 66red at Brandis 1991

An26 10red at Damgarten 1993

An12 94red at Wittstock 1994

Su24 30white finals Welzow 1992

IL20 20red departing Sperenberg 1992

Mig25 52red finals Welzow 1991

Mig23MLD 40red at the flightline of Juterbog 1992

Su17 41yellow at the flightline Templin 1994

Su17 28red at the flightline Templin 1994

Su17 24yellow finals Templin 1994

Su17 at Templin 1994

Mig29UB 33white finals Finow 1993

Mig29 leaving the flightline Finow 1993

Mig29 69white landing at Finow 1994

Mig29 39white at Wittstock 1994

Mig29 04white departing Finow 1993

Mig29 02white departing Finow 1993

Mig27 23yellow departing Larz 1993

Mig27 01yellow at the flightline Larz 1993

Mig23UB 94yellow departing Larz 1993

Mig23UB 91yellow departing Larz 1993

Flightline at Finow withdrawn 1993

Mi8 41yellow at Damgarten 1994

Mi8 32yellow at Wittstock 1994

Mi6 82red at Grossehain 1993

Mi6 78red finals Oranienburg 1993

Mi6 57red at Oranienburg 1992
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The forgotten detachment of Marpatters in Nordholz who support the German Navy to scale up with the former Netherlands P-3's Orions will come to an end in june 2007
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