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R. Zandbergen


Welcome to the website of LeveL-Aviation.

LeveL-Aviation are proud to present aviation/aircraft pictures from all over the world, taken and collected since 1974 by Koos Heemskerk and Hans Heemskerk based in the Netherlands.
Koos and Hans have travelled widely visiting bases in Belgium, Poland, Germany and Greece to name but a few and have built up an extensive archive of more than 80.000 colour slides and pictures, many of which have been published in aviation magazines in Holland and England.
The aim is to make the archive available through this website as a valuable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike as well as being of historical and research value to many.
The pictures will be rotated regularly and will feature (amongst others), F-104 Starfighters from the KLU, Phantoms USAF(E) at Soesterberg, MLD Neptunes at NAS Valkenburg.
If you have an interest and would like more information on what is available in the archive please feel free to contact us at  info@level-aviation.com

Please bookmark this site and keep coming back, the pictures are continually changing and the archive is constantly expanding.
We hope you will get as much pleasure from this as we do.
All the photographs available through the website and archive are copyrighted so please contact us if you wish to use any of them.

For downloading --> right mousebutton --> save picture as...
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We also offer you LeveL Aviation at Facebook. Take a look. And enjoy!!!!!!!!

Level visited KADEX 2012 in Kazakhstan. Take a look in the gallery !!

The forgotten detachment of Marpatters in Nordholz who support the German Navy to scale up with the former Netherlands P-3's Orions will come to an end in june 2007
For that reason a new badge was presented. click on the badge to enlarge the ''goodbye'' badge. thanks to Stef van der Steen and Bert Assink